Following a Passion in NYC

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Without a doubt NYC is the city of dreams. Living here over the past few years has made me realize a lot of things about myself and my future and what it means to pay my dues. Moving here from Ireland, securing a visa, starting from the bottom and slowly working my way up in a career in research was something I was very proud of, but at the same time I felt something was missing. I honestly could not understand why I wasn’t happy and I felt very guilty about this – a good career, a comfortable life – why couldn’t I just be happy! Working with an inspiring boss eventually led me to make a change. His consistent belief that success and happiness is linked with purpose and passion made me reflect on what I really wanted in life. I have always dreamed of owning my own business, and after taking a class in floral design I fell in love with it. Could I really combine the two?

The past two years have been a huge change. Hauling branches, running from insects found in the branches, 5am market runs, working in basements, lifting heavy buckets up flights of stairs, prepping flowers and driving UHaul vans is the new norm. But in the words of Zain Asher – Trust your struggle. With a few tears along the way the dots are finally starting to connect. I've met incredibly talented people in the industry, each of whom are busting their ass, all for the love of flowers. Meeting creatives in photography, event planning, calligraphy, as well as bloggers, make-up artists, and hair stylists to name a few, has inspired me daily. It’s made me realize that New York is one big revolving door of opportunities if you’re willing to work hard enough and with the right people by your side, anything is possible. So here we are, designing and working with clients to bring a floral vision to life and loving it! 

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